The Ministry of High-tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia implements the «Neruzh 5.0» state program, the goal of which is to promote Armenia’s economic progress and the development of the startup ecosystem, professional repatriation and the involvement of pan-Armenian potential and abilities in the economic development processes of Armenia.

As in previous years, so this year, dozens of teams from different parts of the world will be invited to Armenia to participate in the 6-day event in Dilijan, learn about the advantages of doing business in Armenia, get opportunities for cooperation and exclusive individual mentorship.


Teams with technological and innovative startup ideas can participate in the program:

  • half of whose members are Diaspora Armenians,
  • have been living in the Diaspora for at least 5 years and have citizenship or other legal residence status of the given country
  • Diaspora Armenians who are not citizens of the Republic of Armenia, including Diaspora Armenians with dual citizenship,
  • were repatriated within the last 6 months,
  • in case of receiving a grant, they are ready to return to Armenia, establish a company and engage in economic activity for at least one year.


In case of winning in the «Idea Phase» and «Growth Phase» categories, grants will be awarded in the following amounts:

  • Idea stage:

1st place:    15 million AMD

2nd place:  10 million AMD

3rd place:   5 million AMD

  • Growth stage:

 1st place:   30 million AMD

 2nd place: 20 million AMD

 3rd place: 10 million AMD


To apply for the program, you need to go to the following link.

The deadline for applications is 2024. June 30, at 18:00.


For additional information, go to the following link or visit the website

For questions call: +374 41 080 598 (WhatsApp, Telegram), 010 590 124 or write to the following email to:

FOR SCIENCE: Up to 2 participants from each startup will be invited to the event in Dilijan.


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