Message For Armenian Community, 24 April 2020

Dear friends,

Dear compatriots,

We were prepared to invite you, as every year, to a friendly meeting, accompanied by a coffee, to commemorate April 24, known as “Armenian Genocide Day”, in order to perform a memorial service in honor of the innocent victims. of an absurd barbaric act, as well as in respect of the suffering lives of our ancestors, who through their sacrifices created the possibility of the recovery of life for the generations left behind. A friendly meeting in honor of grandparents, our parents and ourselves.

But April 24th does not only represent a tragic date for the Armenian people; it also carries within itself the symbolism of the force for survival. In these difficult days of this global pandemic, let us once again turn our eyes to the star that guides us as a symbol of “survival”, and let us drink coffee in our homes, physically separated but at the same time spiritually united, with the conviction and hope that the day will not be far off when we will have the opportunity to meet again to enjoy even a brief human moment. May the 24th of April serve to strengthen our centuries-old endurance!

I would also like to invite you to light a candle in your house on April 24 in memory of this important day in our history, to honor those who educated us with the spirit of survival and human love. We wish you to pass this difficult situation as soon as possible and without any problems, with the hope that we will meet very soon,

Varuzhan Piranjani


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